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Our Team

We take care of the details

so global professionals and leaders

can focus on their missions.


Associations and Meetings by Design is dedicated to serving professional associations and to hosting premiere events that advance our clients' goals. We offer guidance on best management practices, the latest community engagement tools, strategic membership management, and veteran event planners. Our team goes above and beyond to dismantle any barrier that keeps your organization from doing its best work and suggests creative inspiration to achieve even more.

Our vision is simple:

We understand the most important member

of our team is you.



Veronica Haynes, President

Mentor to Many       Spirit of a Tiger       Voice of Persuasion

Veronica’s longtime leadership in the association and meeting management industries spans dozens of states and countries from Las Vegas and New York to Prague and Manchester. She worked up the hospitality and destinations ladder as Banquet Manager, Director of Food & Beverage, Director of Catering, Corporate Trouble Shooter, Sales Certification Trainer, General Manager, and then Sales Director of the largest destination management company in the world — all before building her own business from the ground up. Veronica never accepts good enough and continues to creatively grow the services available to global clients. She is proud of her team’s unparalleled passion, knowledge and above-and-beyond work ethic.

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Erica Hand

Association Manager


Mighty Mouse

A "Do-er"

Erica hails from New Jersey but found her roots in Ohio during her formative years. Armed with a background in public relations and communications from the University of Toledo, she now calls our Bozeman office home. Erica loves the buzz of her role, where every day brings new faces and challenges from all walks of life. Her knack for juggling multiple tasks and connecting with diverse groups makes her an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring top-notch service delivery with a smile.

Sara Durant

Associations Accounting Manager




Sara is our dedicated Accounting Manager with a knack for adventure. Originating from Portland, Indiana, Sara's journey began with studies in bookkeeping before embarking on a diverse career path. From managing real estate transactions in bustling Vegas to wrangling bison and cattle in Montana, Sara's hands-on experience knows no bounds. Now based in our Bozeman office, she brings her unique blend of skills to support our team's mission with unwavering dedication. Sara finds immense satisfaction in contributing her expertise to further our shared goals, making her an invaluable asset to our organization.

ZachTravelBW (2).jpg

Shaylin Eggum

Association Manager




Based in Billings, Montana. As a previous program coordinator for a large dental practice she brings over thirteen years of experience in coordinating workflow, ensuring organizational requirements are met, coordinating meetings and events, and quality improvement initiatives. Her desire to support non-profit organizations and assist volunteer leaders in exceeding their goals led her to her current position as an association manager. She appreciates being able to work with a mission driven organization and finds satisfaction in playing a part in enhancing communities. Her upbeat and positive approach assist her in accomplishing her goals and meeting all expectations.

Zach Haynes

Director of Operations



Born in Billings, Montana, and having lived in various states due to a resort upbringing, Zach brings a diverse experience to his role. With a rich history in the hospitality industry, Zach served as a manager across different companies and fields before finding his place at the firm. Working out of the Bozeman office, he finds fulfillment in connecting with the people served. Zach's passion shines when he's on-site, orchestrating meetings and witnessing the fruition of months of planning. He values how his role continually challenges him to employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ensuring the success of clients' events.


Jeanelle Slade

Director of Communications

I'm a Delight


Objectively Subjective

Jeanelle is a proud Montana native with a deep-seated passion for effective, honest, communication. With a journalism degree from the University of Montana School of Journalism, she brings a wealth of experience from her time in television news and healthcare communications roles. Based in our Billings office, Jeanelle thrives on collaborating with dedicated individuals to bring their visions to life. Her knack for crafting compelling narratives and building strong relationships is invaluable to our team's success.


Daniel Wiemals

Digital Media Manager



Daniel grew up in Montana, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation and Interactive Media at the University of Montana. He met his future wife at the college and following graduation they were married, and they settled down in beautiful Washington. Daniel uses the knowledge and artistic skills garnered during his time at the University of Montana each day at AMBD, through crafting unique and attractive graphics, website and videos for our partnering organizations and events. He is always happy to share his expertise with the team, and getting to work in digital media in any capacity brings him a great deal of joy.

Mahina Young

Associate Meeting Planner

Idea Catalyst

Spreadsheet Enthusiast

Originating from the Big Island of Hawai'i, Mahina brings her cultural richness and professional expertise to her role. With a background in hospitality and experience as a catering coordinator, she seamlessly blends her diverse skills. Now settled in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, Mahina embraces the opportunity to serve and support others in her work. She finds immense joy in transforming ideas into tangible realities, ensuring each event is a memorable experience for all involved.

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